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Season 6 Plays

2021 Derby City Playwrights Virtual New Play Festival

Producer: Brian Walker

Producer: David Clark

Poster DesignsJosh Rocchi

Jefferson Square (1).jpg
It Happened in Jefferson Square
Premieres 4 PM - July 24!

Playwright: Cris Eli Blak


Monty: Thomas D. Brown II

Tommy: Russell Jordan

Darren: Dan Shaked

Joanne: Ura Yoana Sanchez

Britney: Isabella Lash

Laurie: Blanca Isabella

After Monty, an African American police officer, witnesses the beating and killing of his young cousin, his world turns upside down and it is up to the people around him to fill in the pieces that have broken. His best friend, Tommy, a ruthless lawyer, decides to sue the police department; Darren, a fellow officer who took part in the beating; his girlfriend, Britney, a white woman searching for meaning; and a girl named Laurie who is holding in the biggest secret of all. Everyone of them must fight against the world they live in and the world they wish to create.

The Punching Bags
Premieres 2 PM - July 31!

Playwright: David Clark


Hera: Mara Passafiume

Artie: Zoë Peterson

Mercy: Meghan Logue Holland

ARGO: Bryce Woodard

Ruckus: Helen Magnolia Hensley

Maze Master/Dion:  Fallon Crowley

Rooster/Mazeman: Ben Gierhart

A tech savvy super hero is faced with the deadly chaos he leaves in his wake, when 3 women, tired of being victims, attempt to capture him and sell him to one of his greatest foes.

Punching Bags (2).jpg
Premieres 2 PM - July 24!

Playwrights: Erin Fitzgerald


Jay: Laura Ellis

Shawn/Hospital Staff/Stefon: Izzy Keel

Kay: Paula Lockhart

Psychiatrist/Dan: Matthew Jablow

Art Therapist/Ellie: Jessica Sharpenstein

Hospital Staff/Chris: Michah Peace

InQuest is a musical exploring themes of mental health, identity, and support - both within and outside of the context of crisis. The main character is Jay, and the play follows her experiences just before, during, and after an inpatient stay at a psychiatric hospital.

Untitled16 (2).jpg
The Masked Man
Premieres 4:15 PM - July 31!

Playwright: Clare Hagan

Director: Shannon Woolley Allison



The Wanderer: Adama Abramson

The Moth: Lu Powell

The Professor: Meg Caudill 

The Artist: Haydee Canovas

Various Characters: Izzy Keel

Step into the world of The Wanderer, a place of meandering late nights where the audience can follow the characters from scene to scene. One dark night, a girl called The Moth tells a tale about a strange Masked Man she saw in her backyard just after she found her mother lying inexplicably dead. A string of borrowed books and artwork lead The Moth and The Wanderer to realize that others have seen the Masked Man as well. But what should they do in the face of the knowledge that this omen might be something real? And what does it even mean for something so insubstantial to be something real?

Masked Man (1).jpg
The Things A Play
Premieres 8:15 PM - July 24!

Playwright: Matthew Jablow


Mark: Michael Roberts

Doug: John Morello

Kate: Amelia Huckel-Bauer

Susan: Meg Caudill

Gina: Rachel Falk
Albert: Keith McGill

What do you do when every day seems the same as the one before? Where do you go when you tried so hard for your dreams and have nothing to show but the stigma of failure? Kate and Sharon are looking for a way out of their rut while Mark and Doug come up with solutions for problems that no one had an issue with. When Doug and Mark convince Kate that her house would be the best location for a play that they haven’t written yet, everyone’s lives are going to change in a way that no one could have ever imagined.

Things A Play.jpg
Last Night At Mikell's
Premieres 6:15 PM - July 31!

Playwright:  Larry Muhammad



James Baldwin:  Shane Dickerson-Green

Maya Angelou: Erica Goodman

David Baldwin: Julian Long

Miles Davis: Alphaeus Green

James Baldwin is writing himself into bad health. After two heart attacks and being hospitalized for hepatitis the globe-trotting author returns to New York City for some rest, relaxation and much-needed TLC. First on his itinerary is the iconic jazz club Mikell’s, a favorite hangout where he’s usually surrounded by adoring fans and his brother David tends bar. But things have changed since Jimmy last came home. To his surprise Mikell’s is closing, and his entourage this night consists of just Maya Angelou and Miles Davis, good friends who meet him there because they also didn’t know. What’s intended as a celebration turns into an Irish wake for the not-yet deceased, instigated by Miles as Jimmy impulsively, on the spot, starts writing an elegy to his beloved old joint, enabled by David, while Maya tries to intervene.

Untitled18 (3).jpg
Family Tradition
Premieres 8 PM - July 31!

Playwright:  Gray Shaw


Sallie: Laurene Scalf

Danielle: Lydia Shaw

Margaret: Susan Linville

Charlotte: Zoe Davidson

Jasmine: Heidi Yost

After thirteen years of estrangement, Danielle is finally bringing her teenage daughter home to meet Danielle's mother, Sallie. A war of words erupts over free-flowing cocktails as secrets and betrayals threaten this already fragile reunion.

Family Tradition (2).jpg
Premieres 6:15 PM - July 24!

Playwright:  VIdalia Unwin

Director: Patrick Bias


Cece: Lindsey Jones

Mr. Crawl: Lex Mitchell

Red/Tasha: Caitlin Clemons

Tammy: Karole Spangler

Dan: Zach Stone

CeCe makes lots of friends. So many friends. Her family loses count of how many friends she’s made. What her family doesn’t know is that she makes her friends in her mind. But sometimes new friends turn out to be dangerous. Sometimes they become monsters.

Untitled22 (3).jpg
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