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Derby City Playwrights is a collective of Louisville writers dedicated to the development of locally grown plays. Creating new and insightful work from within our community, Derby City Playwrights will build a home for new play development and production in Louisville.


The idea of Derby City Playwrights is simple. Writers helping other writers develop new work. In our case, Louisville writers helping other Louisville writers. Our city is rich with theatre and almost every weekend you can go out and find a play that you've never heard of being performed and that is fantastic. But Louisville is also rich with talented writers, writers who are creating brilliant and exciting plays that you've also never heard of . . . but should. Our goal is two-fold: Help develop the work and the writers living in Louisville in ways, such as the festival, that gives them visability in Louisville, and at the same time, help develop the work of these writers for life beyond Louisville. Louisville is an excellent importer of new plays.  We want this city to be known as an exporter of new work as well.

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