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Submission Information

We are extending the deadline for submissions to September 15!

Submissions for Season 8 are now being accepted.

Beginning July 2014, Derby City Playwrights has been meeting monthly, organizing reading series, producing new work by local writers, and experimenting on what exactly DCP needs to be for both our local playwrights and the Louisville Community.  The first year, we hosted 12 writers with the goal of driving them to complete a brand new full length script and producing that work as a staged reading within that year. In July of 2015, we began accepting submission for ideas for full length plays that would become the First Derby City Playwrights New Play Festival, a three week long celebration of Louisville grown new works.

Derby City Playwrights is recommends submitting complete first drafts of new works by local writers in need of further development for the stage. By requiring a first draft, we are allowing writers to come to us when they are ready, rather than demand they be ready on our timeline.  We will consider any submission with preference to full drafts.


We will accept submissions until September 15, 2022. Plays will be selected for development and inclusion in a planned reading festival in 2023.  All participants are expected to participate in monthly meetings beginning Fall 2022. An expected schedule will be supplied with offers to join our cohort for Season 8.

Expected Season 8 Schedule:

October 30

November 27

January 29

February 26

March 26

April 23

May 28

June 25

Readings planned for July!

What to do while finishing that first draft? 

Write. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where not only will we try and keep everyone motivated and aware of opportunities, we will announce gatherings where you can come and learn more about DCP and share your thoughts on work you plan to submit.

If you have questions or even need help while developing your new work, reach out to our dramaturg, David Clark, as we will always do what we are able to help promote and create new Louisville plays. 

Submission Guidelines

  • Please submit one complete first/early draft of an unproduced new play. 

  • Include a statement of intention for the play, briefly describing why your play would benefit from a year of development with DCP

  • A bio of your theatrical/writing experience with a focus on your writing

  • Send your completed submission package to


Playwright Commitment 

If you are selected to participate in Season 8 of Derby City Playwrights, you are expected to agree to the following:

  • You will attend all monthly meetings, typically the last Sunday of each month October 2022 - June 2023 (see full schedule above)

  • You will be expected to be active in the these meetings, providing feedback and exploring your own work with your peers.

  • To the best of our ability, your play will be part of the 2023 festival.

  • You will be involved in all aspects of your play's development.  

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