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Season 3 Plays

Derby City Playwrights New Play Festival

Co-Producer: David Clark

Co-Producer: Allie Fireel

A Shot in the Dark

Playwright: Zoë Peterson

Director:  Keith McGill


Gracie Taylor

Alex Hayden

Connor Madison

A summer night spent with Cass and Jake reminiscing over lost time is plagued by the shadow of the loss of their best friend (and Cass’s brother) in a piece that explores love, loss, and the secrets that we keep.


Playwright: Allie FIreel

Director: Kathi E.B. Ellis


Mollie Murk

Shannon Leigh Woolley Allison

Adama Adamson

Joseph Hatfield


A sister deals with her siblings tragic death the only way she knows how: by putting it onstage.

Bust Stop Anchor

Playwright: Bryce Woodard


Brianna Clemerson

Lenae McKee Price

Kevin Butler

Vidalia Unwin

When Jasmine, a single 30-year-old, finds out that she's pregnant, she decides to tell the father, Tom... or maybe it's Greg? Neither one of them feels ready to become a father... or maybe they're really excited? With everything so uncertain, the pressure to become a perfect mom is mounting for Jasmine, who feels the weight of the world, placed squarely on her womb.


Playwright: Haydee Canovas


Jomaris DeJesus

Kathi E.B. Ellis

Kelsey Thompson

Ben Gierhart

Juan Martin

Hilarity and existential tension torment Peety and her parents as they find themselves trapped in a never ending waiting game to see the doctor The family believes will save her father’s life. 

The Forest and the Flames

Playwright: David Clark



Meghan Logue Holland

Mara Baker

Beth Clark

Bryce Woodard

Jessica May


In a place of magic, a would-be puppeteer, a dying old man, and a fire-scarred magician must unravel the mystery of a young woman, hidden in a forest seemingly filled with unimaginable power and secrets.

Childish Things

Playwright: Chase Gregory


Erica McClure

Tom Schulz

Scott Goodman

Andrew Stairs

Rachel White

Tucker Keel

Shaun Kenney

Brian Walker

The world of 11-year-old Angela is turned upside down when Stanley, an Imaginary Friend, bursts through her window one night looking for the human friend that left him behind. She decides to help him, but it won't be easy, what with a pair of bumbling Imaginary agents hot on their trail trying to bring Stanley back to the Imaginary World. Will she end up reuniting Stanley with his lost friend, and perhaps heal her own fractured relationship? Or will they be foiled by the agents...and the perhaps even more sinister force employing them?

High Tide
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