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Neutral Position Cast and Crew

Neutral Position

Playwright: Liz Fentress

Director:  Keith McGill

Stage Manager:  Nancy Clinton



Annie Clark/Ellen - Abigail (Abbey) Miskowiec 

Arthur Truttman - Nick Hulstine/Keith McGill

Jeanette Murtaw (Murt)/Nicole - Anna Wooley

Staysha Scray - Zoë Peterson

Jake Davis/Mike/Matt - Robert Thompson

Tommy Scray/Steve - J.P. Lebangood


A couple’s plans for a home and family are blown up when their careers put them on opposite sides of the death penalty argument.

Abigail (Abbey) Miskowiec (Annie Clark/Ellen)

Fallon Crowley is a nonbinary performer who is originally from Massachusetts. He has been acting, singing and dancing as long as he can remember. In 2010, after a cross-country road trip, he and his husband chose Louisville as their new home. He works with the Ren Faire performance group The Gaelic Gambol as well as local films including an upcoming indie film called December 28th. He’s very excited to be working with such fabulous local talent as part of the Derby City Playwrights’ Festival. Fallon currently lives in Jeffersonville with his two wonderful partners and their adorable dog.

Nick Hulstine (Arthur Truttman)

Zach Stone is a rising Senior Theatre Arts major at the University of Louisville with a focus in Acting and Directing. His acting credits while at U of L have been Ross/Ketch Freeman in Our Country’s Good, Nasty Interesting Man/Lord of the Underworld in Eurydice, Man/Narrator in The Long Christmas Ride Home, and American Men in A Piece of My Heart. When not on the stage, Zach serves as Managing Liaison for the student-led Studio Theatre Company at U of L, Undergraduate Student Representative for the Theatre Arts Department, and as a Producing Artistic Intern with StageOne Family Theatre. He'd like to thank DCP for this opportunity, and his friends and family for being supportive of his passion.

Anna Wooley - (Jeanette Murtaw (Murt)/Nicole)

This is Tucker Keel’s second performance with Derby City Playwrights! His recent local performances include Just Like Us and Defining Infinity with Looking for Lilith, and Hit the Wall with Pandora Productions! Tucker’s favorite punk bands are The Ramones and Green Day, and he’s enjoyed finding new ones from this script. He is anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, pro-choice, pro-immigration, and supports your right to marry the devil and live deliciously. He thinks if your movements aren’t intersectional, you can go eat dirt and he hopes you do (lookin at you terfs). He eagerly awaits either a post-economic utopia or the collapse of society in a post-apocalyptic waterworld hellscape. Tucker hopes to inspire the next generation of theatre through education and has his eyes set on grad school!

Zoë Peterson (Staysha Scray)

Corey is thrilled to be participating in the Derby City Playwrights New Play Festival for the second time.  Corey is a man who always keeps busy, whether it be working as a licensed attorney during the day or waiting tables downstairs of The Bard’s Town during the night.  Corey is also a playwright and director, having co-written and co-directed plays such as Hell’s Awesome (2012) and The Spy and the Playwright (2018).  Corey has performed in The Bard’s Town Ten-Tucky Festival and The Kings of Christmas for a number of years.  Corey also worked on a previous Derby City New Play, Rachel White’s The Brownstone.  Enjoy the shows and thank you for continuing to support local theater!

Robert Thompson (Jake Davis/Mike/Matt)

Lee Stein - Lee is thrilled to be making his Derby City Playwrights debut! Lee is a theatre major at UofL and hopes to graduate in the spring. He has done community theatre around Louisville since graduating from Trinity High School in 2014. He would like to thank his family and his lady for their continued support and love. Lee would also like to thank the festival itself for giving playwrights the chance to show their wonderful work. 

J. P. Lebangood (Tommy Scray/Steve)

Joey is excited to be getting back to the dramatic arts, Punk Snot marks his first play in 8 years (Fuck he got old). He performs comedy around the country with his improv duo Kentucky Bill, as well as in Louisville with Sketchy Stuff, Project Improv, and as a sometime guest on Kaijuesdays. He loves his wife, his dogs, and you.

Nancy Clinton (Stage Manager)

Ellie Archer (Stage Manager) is very excited to be working with the Derby City Playwrights for the first time. Since graduating from WKU with a BA in Theatre in 2017, she has worked with several companies in Louisville, including Looking for Lilith, Company OutCast, and Theatre 502 as well as being a member of the state's only all women improv team, the Hystericals. She is thankful for the chance to work with such talented people and can't wait for everyone to see the show.

Keith McGill (Director/Arthur Understudy)

Patrick is excited to be working with DCP once again, having previously directed Schrodinger's Girl (by David Clark), Hiding on Jupiter, and Cruise Control (both by Vidalia Unwin).  Other credits include The Alley Theater productions of The Santaland Diaries, Evil Dead: The Musical, and Reservoir Dogs.  He looks forward to the hate mail he will inevitably receive from this production.

Liz Fentress (Playwright)

Vidalia Unwin is a writer and sometimes actor. She studied creative writing at the University of Louisville and "studied" theater at Bellarmine University.  Her full length plays include "Broken Iris", "@con", and "The Ballad of Night Moose" (with Lex Mitchell).  She has also written numerous shorts for the Finnigan Festival, Ten Tucky Festival, and the Alley Theater.  She has been seen on stage with various companies around town, but most often nowadays she is behaving like a crazy person and writing very silly sketches for the skit group Sketchy Stuff.  When she isn't working on a theater or writing project, she is usually slaving away at various jobs and dying inside from either lack of fulfillment or lack of money or both.  If one of you would kindly fix capitalism so that this doesn't happen any more, she would appreciate that.

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