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Season 7 Plays

2022 Derby City Playwrights New Play Readings at the Louisville Fringe Festival

Producer: David Clark

Producing Parnter: Louisville Fringe Festival

Poster DesignsColin Gatenbee

Readings will be at: 

The Old Louisville Coffee Co-Op

316 W Ormsby Avenue

Louisville, KY  40203

One Week from Paradise
7:30 PM - July 30!

Playwright: Cris Eli Blak



Papa: Alphaeus Green





When 18-year old Cayden, imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, learns that he will finally be released in seven days, he must keep his head down and stay out of trouble, which becomes increasingly difficult as his personal relationships begin to change and he becomes more aware of the effect of the prison system on the other Black men in his cell block and how his life and perspective is forever different because of his time inside.

Anchor 3
7:30 PM - July 28!

Playwright: Ben Gierhart

Director: Shannon Woolley Allison


Magda Thomas: Shelby Durbin

Alan Gass: Jacob Cooper

Claire Thomas: Karole Spangler

John Gass/Dr. Pierce Bohn: Joseph Hatfield

Martha Vandergoss: Kelsey Thompson

Magdalene Strange: Melinda Beck

Walker Halewyn/Michael Brooks: John Becraft

Magda returns to her small hometown in disgrace after losing the journalist job she's always dreamed of, just after the town's mayor has taken his own life under suspicious circumstances. There's something sinister in the wind... stirring up ghosts both figurative and literal. Magda hopes to redeem herself and her career by solving the mystery surrounding the mayor's death all while surviving the unearthed onslaught of her town's and her own personal histories.

Anchor 2
Joyfully Underground: The Story of the Lexington Six
3 PM - July 31!

Playwright: Clarity Hagan

Director: Mollie Murk


Jessica de la Rosa
Adama Abramson
Keith McGill
Ashley Cabrera
V. Reibel
Amy Davis
Alex Cooper
Eli Lomax
Sarah Chen Elston
Tory Parker
Kavin Moore
Tessa McShane

In 1974, two queer anti-war, bank-robbing women briefly lived in Lexington, Kentucky. They were on the run from the FBI, and no one knew their true identities as they lived among the lesbian feminist community.

The women left town, and the FBI followed close on their heels, beginning to harass the gay community. This play tells the true story of the six people - five lesbians and one gay man - who decided to resist.

Anchor 1
Bowling League
7:30 PM - July 31!

Playwright: Matthew Jablow


Hal: Michael Robert

Chris: Derrick Ledbetter

Andre: Keith McGill

Sheila: Meg Caudill
Anastasia (Agnes) Meghan Logue Holland

Five people find themselves immersed in the midst of putting a show together as they try to endure the never-ending drama of their lives and surviving their castmates

Anchor 4
5 PM - July 30!

Playwright: Kaiya Nieporte Linkugel


Nick: Meghan Logue Holland

Ivy: Rachel Allen


The Demon: Ben Gierhart

Demon 2: Kimby Peterson

A young artist constructs sculptures from the gory remains of roadkill and other decomposing materials as the ultimate self-imposed exposure therapy. When she’s invited to a dinner party by a mysterious artistic admirer, she must fight harder than ever to suppress her phobias in order to preserve the façade of the fearless, emotionless woman she has long presented to the world.

Anchor 5
Camp Bristlecone
7:30 PM - July 29!

Playwright:  Zoë Peterson



The Kid:  Bailey Story


Maya: Shelby Durbin

Q: Izzy Keel

Matt: Bryce Woodard

At the start of the summer, the counselors of Camp Bristlecone are getting ready for their kids to arrive. While everyone sees the crafts, the mess hall, and the canoes- the newest counselor, Kid, and his coworkers are experiencing their own coming of age behind the scenes. When an incident occurs amongst the group, Kid must confront the world he thought he knew.

Anchor 6
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