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Season 5 Plays

2020 Derby City Playwrights Virtual New Play Festival

Producer: Brian Walker

Producer: David Clark

Poster DesignsColin Gatenbee

Inquest Poster Design: Erin Fitzgerald 

A Fall Planting

Playwright: Gray Shaw


Bobby: Max Jablow

Tim: Izzy Keel

Dan: Corey Music

Ray: Ryan Watson

Gran: Laurene Scalf

Candance: Abby Braune

Harley: Dan Shoemaker

Every ending brings its own new beginning. Planting, harvesting, and then planting anew. Life, death, and the life existing thereafter. A hard-scrabble farm family struggles to find a way of coming together again following the death of the family patriarch. The past is a daunting obstacle to any hope one may have of renewal, but life always finds a way. In some form or fashion.

Fall Planting
The Airplane Game

Playwright: Sean Fannin


Peter: Josh Jerome

Francis: Olivia Kernekin

Adison: Tory Parker

Charlie: Diana Smith

Rachel: Rachel Kent

Mason: Tommy MacFarland

Casting Coordinated with DCSG Theatre.


A group of people gathers to participate in a dying pyramid scheme. They do whatever they can to maintain plausible deniability and make themselves richer. When a new passenger joins the game, the nature of the system comes to light.

Airplane Game
Blue Moose
The Curse of Blue Moose

Playwrights: Vidalia Unwin and Lex Mitchell


Trish: April Rea

Max: Joey Eberling

McSmith: Bryce Woodard

Wrangler: Lindsay Jones

Jeff: Abby Braune

Prequel Johnson/Sequel Johnson/Blue Moose: Dan Cannon

Box: Brian Walker

Chupey/Other Moose:  David Clark

It's been one year since the city of Chicago 2 was destroyed by a villainous Moose. Canadian billionaire Max Tasker has come to town, offering to rebuild the fallen city but secretly planning something sinister. As his plans unfold, the people of the city are suffering a fate worse than death. Now the only things standing in his way are three cops, a chupacabra, and thousands of Blue Moose...

Deer Island

Playwright: Brian Walker



Joe: Jacob Cooper

Timothy: Joey Eberling

Carla: Morgan Younge

Toni: Sabrina Spalding

Josh: Lee Stein

Lynne: Meghan Logue Holland


Six lives converge over the future of a stretch of highway that may have a unique and highly intelligent deer population living within its borders. It’s a dark play about friendships, identity and the encroachment of the little bit of land that our wildlife have left.

Deer Island

Playwright: Erin Fitzgerald


Presented by Brian Walker

Music and Artwork: Erin Fitzgerald

InQuest is a musical exploring themes of mental health, identity, and support - both within and outside of the context of crisis. The main character is Jay, and the play follows her experiences just before, during, and after an inpatient stay at a psychiatric hospital.

It Is What It Is

Playwright:  Matt Jablow



Frank: Keith McGill

David: Stuart Perlmuter

Lisa: V. Reibel

Moe: Michael Roberts

Susan: Amelia Huckel-Bauer

Kate/Felicia: Meg Caudill

Grace: Rachel Falk

Randy: Drew Nardone

The work week begins with the salesperson committing suicide in the office. Within minutes it will not be about the body hanging from the rafters but instead about each character and how it impedes, interrupts and inconveniences their lives. This dark comedy takes you through a day of bitter animosity, insane personal issues and a boss whose agenda is squarely focused on himself… in other words just another day at work.


It is What It Is
Lazarus Commits Suicide (Twice)

Playwright:  Zoë Peterson


Lazarus: Noah Bunch

Reuben: Connor Madison

Atarah: Zoë Peterson

Jesus: David Clark

Martha: Kimby Peterson

Mary: Vidalia Unwin

Peter/Judas/Steve the Leper: Max Jablow

Bartender/Man: David Clark

Boulder Guy: Brian Walker

Set in biblical times, this dark comedy follows Lazarus- a regular person that’s suddenly in the spotlight after being resurrected by Jesus- on their never ending quest to die...again. Unfortunately for Lazarus, it’s not as simple as one would think. Lepers, disciples, and boulders all seem to stand in the way of life and death, literally.

LazarusCommits Suicide (Twice)
The Players of the Time After

Playwright:  Clare Hagan


Madge: Tessa McShane

Silas: Keith McGill

Hestia: Meg Caudill

Al: Darren McGee

Sophia: Ilse Apestegui

Vincent: Owen Kreese

Jamie/Music: Clare Hagan

The Players of the Time After is the story of a theater troupe traveling around the countryside over a century from now. A young girl joins their ranks and learns from each of the actors. The play alternates between scenes of the actors traveling and scenes of the performances that they present on stage, making use of folk tales and music. The audience present in the theater become actors in a way, portraying the crowds they play for in the future.

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