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Season 2 Plays

Derby City Playwrights New Play Festival

Co-Producer: Brian Walker

Co-Producer: Doug Schutte

Production Manager:  Shaun Kenney

Poster Designs: Colin Gatenbee


Playwright: Vidalia Unwin

Director:  Martin French

Stage Manager:  Brandon Muncy



Gaz: April Singer

Tre: Neill Brewer

Vlad: Megan Adair

Conquistacode: Ryan Watson

Nominy: Scott Goodman

Slimer: Chris Petty


Good hacker, bad hacker, what's the difference? Hacking can change the world, but it can also get you in a lot of trouble. A hacker called Gaz likes them both. So what to do with a new technology that can change the world as easily as it can destroy it? Maybe the answer is bitter revenge.

The Bus Stop at Sycamore and Vine

Playwright: Tyler Curth and Allie Fireel

Director:  Joe Hatfield

Stage Manager:  Janelle Rae

FIght Choreographer:  Sarah Flanagan



Trent: Connor Breen

Taylor: Alex Haydon

Doug: Patrick Taft

Amanda: Zoe Peterson

Alyssa: Alexis Seay


Everyone goes to the bus stop at Sycamore and Vine. They go to hang out, but most kids would never dream of actually catching that bus downtown.  But Taylor is different. He’s a dreamer, uninterested in sports, or girls; a fact that his older brother Trent has tried to change for years, defending Taylor from rumors and bullies.  When Taylor can no longer ignore his own feelings he has to decide if he can pretend to be the brother that Trent wants, and Trent has to decide if he can love the brother he has, or become one of the bullies. 

Bust Stop Anchor
The Brownstone

Playwright: Rachel White

Director:  Tad Chitwood

Stage Manager:  Jillian Cypress



Elliott: Tony Pike

Bo: Corey Long

Bunny: Maren Schikler

Cop: Corey Music


Three squatters occupy an abandoned brownstone in an anonymous corner of Brooklyn:  Bo, an artist, Bunny, a runaway, and Elliott, a beat poet.  Then, a mysterious cop appears on the street and the sordid histories and motivations of the occupants are slowly revealed.

Shrodinger's Girl

Playwright: David Clark

Director:  Patrick Bias

Stage Manager:  Brandon Bias



Genny: Sabrina Spalding

Monica: Meghan Logue

Adam: Chase Gregory

Connor Snoidgross: Tony Smith

The Traveler: Jacob Cooper


A research doctor trying to map infant brains, Genny is in need of a particularly difficult to obtain specimen – the skulls of deceased children. On the verge of giving up on her pursuit, packages from a secret admirer begin to appear with the specimens that will save her career.  A romantically, disturbing who-dunnit transpires as Genny and her assistant Monica try to decipher which of Genny’s recent trysts might have fallen this “madly” in love with her.

High Tide

Playwright: Brian Walker

Director:  Natalie Fields

Stage Manager:  Maria Allgeier



Bo: Michael Roberts

Hurley: Kelly Kapp

Triton: Brianna Clemerson

Mom: Wendy Hames


High Tide is a play about sibling rivalry, dead mothers and transporting octopuses.  Bo, Triton and Hurley have never really gotten along that great.  Competitiveness and divisiveness have always gone hand in hand with them being siblings, particularly as they became adults.  When their mother dies, her last request is for them to finish the work she started as a marine-life vigilante and transport an octopus she’s stolen from poor conditions at a Florida aquarium to a friend in Maine who will release it back to the waters from which it came.  Part road trip comedy, part family drama and part mystical pilgrimage; it’s a play that looks at the relationships of brothers and sisters, of man and animal and the benefits of not always being completely sober.

High Tide

Playwright:  Taj Whitesell

Director:  Jane B. Jones

Stage Manager:  Kate Winegarden



Edith: Carol Dines

Phoebe: Jane Mattingly

Danny: Cameron Murphy

Cecillia: Tamara Dearing

Matthew: Frank Morris

Darryl: Andy Epstein

Fredrick: Frank Whitaker


Edith is dead but returns in ghost form to haunt her old apartment and Phoebe, teenage girl who lived below her, is the only one who can see her. Phoebe sets out on a mission to figure out what Edie’s unfinished business is so that she can move on to the afterlife.

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