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Season 4 Plays

Derby City Playwrights New Play Festival

Producer: Brian Walker

Producer: Doug Schutte

Producer: David Clark

Production Stage Manager:  Shaun Kenney

Poster DesignsColin Gatenbee

Props Master: Jen Cooper

gods Play

Playwright: David Clark

Director:  Sabrina Spalding

Stage Manager:  Rachel Allen



Chorus - Eric Steven Sharp and Helen Magnolia Hensley

Christopher Pentheus - Robert Thompson

Jerry - Teri Carlson

In a world where the blockbuster film is considered mere popular entertainment for the masses and live theatre is intellectual fodder for the elite, one boastful playwright is about to anger an action-loving deity.   With tragic backstory in tow and expendable friends to help him on his journey, Christopher Pentheus must endure an epic road trip to save the script that was stolen from him.  Told on an empty stage, with just an overworked 2 person chorus, and very little Tech, the Almighty plans to prove his storytelling methods are supreme!


Playwright: Vidalia Unwin

Director:  Patrick Bias

Stage Manager:  Ellie Archer

Fight Choreographer: Lindsey Gessner


Zach (2000) - Fallon Crowley

Brian (2000) - Tucker Keel

Matt (2000) - Lee Stein

Fucking Jeff (2000) - Spencer Korcz,

Zach (2015) - Zack Stone

Brian (2015) - Corey Music

Matt (2015) - Joey Eberling

Fucking Jeff (2015) - Josh Rocchi

Pastor - Sean Childress


Set over two decades, Punk Snot follows Brian, Zack, Matt, and Fucking Jeff. First as teenagers in 2000, looking to punk as their saviors against all that they hate in the world. Finally we see them in 2015, no longer following the good word of punk and coming to terms with their sins, both as punks and as humans, each of them learning that there are no saviors, there are only sins. 

Anchor 1
Neutral Position

Playwright: Liz Fentress

Director:  Keith McGill

Stage Manager:  Nancy Clinton



Annie Clark/Ellen - Abigail (Abbey) Miskowiec 

Arthur Truttman - Nick Hulstine/Keith McGill

Jeanette Murtaw (Murt)/Nicole - Anna Wooley

Staysha Scray - Zoë Peterson

Jake Davis/Mike/Matt - Robert Thompson

Tommy Scray/Steve - J.P. Lebangood


A couple’s plans for a home and family are blown up when their careers put them on opposite sides of the death penalty argument.

On the Road with Bernice and Robin

Playwright: Brian Walker

Director:  Natalie Fields

Stage Manager:  Maria Allgeier



Bernice: Kelly Kapp

Robin: Abby Braune

Various Others: Mike Price


As Robin's life begins to spiral out of control, she decides she needs to locate her winning coloring sheet from a contest hosted by the Louisville Zoo when she was ten years old.  She embarks on an American odyssey with her mother, Bernice, going from zoo to zoo from Louisville to San Diego to get it back to get her back.

No Cake

Playwright: Fi Connors



Kallie O'Meara: Erica McClure

Erin Lapsang: Rachel White

Mrs. O'Meara:  Pat Allison

Jon O'Neil: Brian West

Mr. Lemon: Michael Roberts

Taxi-Driver:  Martin French

A little love story about the visible and the invisible. The power of all the people that we love, near or far, and how they come to help us when we most need them.  It’s also a story about having to prove love to somebody else. Oh, and an Indian Goddess. Oh, and the island of Ireland.

When it all boils down to it, No Cake is the story of me and the story of you, because at the end of the day we all need to know someone is watching out for us. No matter where in the world we stand, we need to know we are always visibly and invisibly connected.

Special Thanks to:  Kathi E. B. Ellis and Kaiya Linkugel for their work in preparing this play for the stage

Good Grief - a reading

Music and Book by:  Erin Fitzgerald



Lyn - Micah Peace

Claudia - Jenrose Fitzgerald

June - Ebony Jordan

William - Tim Mathistad

Calvin - Nick Peace

Musical Accompaniment - Erin Fitzgerald


The Devil In Clean Pressed Clothes - a reading

Playwright:  Clare Hagan


Grey: Katie Dee

Lola: Jay Padilla

Seth: Lee Stein

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