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June 26, 2016

Arts-Louisville Previews DCP New Play Festival

​Playwright Festival Opens July 7 - Kathi E. B. Ellis previews the new play festival

June 13, 2016

Skulls, Hackers, Octopus - WFPL discusses the new play festival

WFPL Arts and Culture Writer Ashlie Stevens showcased DCP New Play Festival

June 30, 2017

Locally Grown Plays explored at The Voice Tribune

​VT writer Ben Gierhart previews the first Derby City Playwrights Festival

July 03, 2016

New Playwrights Festival Showcased in the Courier Journal

A preview of the festival and an inside look into Derby City Playwrights from Arts Writer, Elizabeth Kramer

July 08, 2016

Arts-Louisville Reviews @Con

"@con is a bold beginning for the First Annual Derby City Playwrights New Play Festival" 

Check out Keith Waits review of Ben Unwin's @Con

July 09, 2016

Arts-Louisville Reviews The Bus Stop at Sycamore and Vine

"Honest, daring, and pretty darn funny" 

Check out Kate Barry's review of Eli Keel and Tyler Curth's The Bus Stop at Sycamore and Vine

July 10, 2016

Arts-Louisville Reviews The Brownstone

"The play is an examination of damaged, dysfunctional characters that function on the fringe of society, but it also plays for laughs with a cast that knows exactly how to mine the text for humor." 

Check out Keith Waits review of Rachel White's The Brownstone

July 10, 2016

Arts-Louisville Reviews Shrödinger's Girl

​"a series of puzzles within puzzles, constructed with just enough complexity to challenge but not overwhelm the audience." 

Check out Keith Waits review of David Clark's Shrödinger's Girl

July 12, 2016

Arts-Louisville Reviews Exposure

​"the playwright hews to tradition . . . with confidence and craft" 

Check out Keith Waits review of Taj Whitesell's Exposure

July 13, 2016

Arts-Louisville Reviews High Tide

"The road trip is an archetype in American storytelling, and Walker mines it for all it is worth in his tale of two sisters and a brother who cannot seem to stand each other, exploiting the claustrophobia of the car and the motel room as an incubator for human emotion." 

Check out Keith Waits review of Brian Walker's High Tide

July 13, 2016

LEO Weekly Reviews Shrodinger's Girl, High Tide and Exposure

"These aren’t gestating workshop productions. They were developed over time, through the kind of collaborative dramaturgical process that’s a hallmark of the best centers for new play development. " 

Check out Marty Rosen's review of the festival and Shrodinger's Girl, Exposure and High Tide

July 20, 2016

LEO Weekly Reviews @Con, The Brownstone and The Bus Stop at Sycamore and Vine

"And, though the productions are wildly different in topic and tone, each one is a performer’s delight, with ample scope for ensemble and individual excellence" 

Check out Marty Rosen's continued review of the festival and @Con, The Brownstone and The Bus Stop at Sycamore and Vine

March 22, 2016

First Annual Derby City Playwrights New Play Festival to premiere this July

Fifty-four Louisville theatre professionals will come together to bring the First Annual Derby City Playwrights New Play Festival to the stage July 7-24, 2016 at the Bard's Town Theatre. Produced in conjunction with The Bard's Town, the New Play Festival will premiere six new plays by local writers David Clark, Tyler Curth, Eli Keel, Ben Unwin, Brian Walker, Rachel White and Taj Whitesell.  

March 04, 2016

DCP Playwright Eli Keel premieres new short work with Theatre [502]


March 04, 2016

Season 1 play, ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURE, win SETC Getchel New Play Award

Playwright Ben Gierhardt presented 

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